For the owner of a small business, there is a reasonable expectation that the size of the business will mean it is fairly easy to run.

However, this is not automatically the case and, in reality, it’s quite common for these owners to not only find that considerable effort is necessary, but even feel that the business is running them, rather than the other way around.

If this is the case in your business and you want to change/reverse it - so that you have much more control over what you do and when - then you’ve come to the right place….


TBH - Opening the door to more
effective management in small businesses.

Welcome to The Business Handle (TBH)

where the focus is on helping to ensure that small business owners (SBOs) like yourself are firmly in your business’s management “driving seat”.

TBHThis is done by using diagram-based techniques - developed by TBH owner Robert Lovett - that enable you to benefit from the power of vision, and so optimise the use of your knowledge of your business which is the key to making it run efficiently and effectively.

In particular, having diagrams to aid your business management effort - tasks like decision-making, planning, cost-control, problem-solving, etc. - is a massive “plus”.

It is, in practice, the difference between working in the dark and in bright light, and will bring you a range of lasting benefits, which, with many of them being cost-related, will improve your “bottom line”. See the image below for a summary of how TBH can help you and your business.

It is hard to overstate the advantages of being able to “see your business”: just having diagrams available will massively simplify any effort to focus on a specific business aspect, and with their contextual nature, the impacts of any possible changes, etc. will also be easy to see.

You’ll even find that, with much less need for your memory to “create its own pictures” of your business (something you do each time you have to deal with a situation), your thinking processes will improve and, as you increase control over the business, being an SBO should become noticeably less stressful, as TBH’s friend Joanie suggests to local SBO Jimi, below ……

Cartoon courtesy of I Like To Draw

If you want to learn more about how TBH can help you, click HERE for contact information. Alternately, if you feel your business could run more effectively but are unsure as to whether TBH can help you, click HERE to see some examples of the kind of small business issues it is likely to address.

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